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2024 Schedule will be posted in June. The 2022 schedule is below for reference.

Schedule - MOOS-DAWG 2022 - Wednesday August 10th, 2022

WEDNESDAY:August 10th 2022
TimeROOM 32-141 (Main Meeting Room)
0730-0800Registration, Coffee
0800-0810Welcome Remarks
0810-083501-Turner-Receding Horizon Planning and Tracking for Monitoring Surface Vessels with Passive Sonar: Initial Field Experiments
0835-090021-Battle-Distributed MCM Simulation with MOOS-IvP
0900-092503-Randeni-A Software Toolkit for Rapid Development of AUVs – Using MOOS-IvP with MITFrontseat, HydroMAN and VECTORS
0925-095011-Benjamin-MOOS-IvP Release 22.8 - What's New and What is Upcoming
0950-1005Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1005-103016-Poulsen-MOOS-Embedded Virtual Ocean: High-Fidelity Acoustic Simulation
1030-105522-Gagner-Adaptive Depth Contour Following Behavior
1055-112007-Filardo-MOOS-IvP for Exotic AUV architectures: A Case Study with Pliant Energy System’s C-Ray
1120-114509-Novitzky-Multi-Domain Human-Robot Teaming Sandbox (MDO-HuRT-S) at West Point
1145-1300LUNCH (On Your Own) Suggestions here
1300-132512-Lorman-USV Babou, a Testing and Development Platform for Larger Autonomous Systems
1325-135018-Cole-Rigid Wingsail Geometry Optimization and Performance Validation
1350-141520-Benjamin-The Swarm Autonomy Toolbox, and MTASC Simulation Cluster
1415-144004-Huang-Duckiepond 2.0: an Education and Research Environment of Reinforcement Learning-based Navigation and Virtual Reality Human Interactions for a Heterogenous Maritime Fleet
1440-1450Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1450-151508-Smith-Saab - New Developments in Subsea
1515-154017-Serlin-Autonomous Surface Vehicle Deployment with Inter- and Intra-Team Coordination from High-level Specifications (IITCHS)
1540-160506-Holemans-Autonomous Sailboat
1605-163002-Owen-The JaiaBot UUV
1630Adjourn - Informal appetizers and gathering at the Muddy Charles on the MIT Campus