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Schedule - MOOS-DAWG 2019 - Wednesday August 7th, 2019

WEDNESDAY:August 7th
TimeROOM 32-141 (Main Meeting Room)
0730-0800Registration, Coffee
0800-0805Welcome Information
0805-0830Talk-01: Massively Parallel Autonomy Simulations Using MOOS-IvP
David Battle, David Johnson, Mission Systems Pty Ltd., Rob Fitch, Univ of Technology Sydney
0830-0850Talk-02: Goal Sequence Selection for Underwater Vehicles with MOOS-IvP
Mark Wilson, Jim McMahon, and David Aha, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
0850-0910Talk-03: Deliberative Path Planning and MOOS-IvP for a USV Performing MCM Operations
Dr Ed Rimmer, Thales UK
0910-0930Talk-04: Integrating MOOS into a Complex UMAA-Compliant Vehicle
Brian Donlan, Josh Hill, and Michael Hennessy, Huntington Ingalls Industries
0930-0950Talk-05: MOOS-IvP for Autonomous Inland Shipping: Challenges and Opportunities
Peter Slaets, Gerben Peeters, Senne Van Baelen University of Leuven, KU Leuven, Belgium
0950-1010Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1010-1030Talk-20: Exploring the Use of MOOS-IvP on Biomimetic AUVs: A Case Study with Boston Engineering’s BioSwimmer
Scott R. Sideleau, NUWW-NPT, Philip Igoe, Dr. Ramprasad Balasubramanian, UMass Dartmouth, Michael Conry, Andrew Keefe, Halie Murray-Davis, Boston Engineering
1030-1050Talk-19: Project Aquaticus Testbed: Latest Progress, Developments, and Analysis Tools in Manned-Unmanned Teaming with MOOS-IvP
Michael Novitzky, Paul Robinette, Michael Benjamin, MIT
1050-1110Talk-18: Row Row Row Your Bot – Trust Me or Not: Investigating the Performance of Human-Robot Teams
Dr. Ericka Rovira, CDT Nikiay Comer, CDT Kaley Rose, CDT Britany Van Lange, and MAJ (R) Dominic Larkin', USMA, Dr. Michael Novitzky, MIT
1110-1130Talk-16: C2CrossUxV Experimentation Summary (2017-present),
Scott R. Sideleau, Christopher W. Gagner, Matthew Ferro, Dr. Michael L. Incze, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport RI
1130-1150Talk-15: Measurement Fusion for Collision Avoidance Inputs
Mei Li, Sea Machines
1150-1300LUNCH (On Your Own) Suggestions here
1300-1320Talk-12: Leveraging the Compiler: Static Analysis in Marine Robotic Systems,
Toby Schneider, GobySoft, LLC
1320-1340Talk-29: MOOS-IvP Release 19.8 - What is New, What is Planned,
Michael Benjamin, MIT
1340-1400Talk-30: Challenges in Operating Long-Duration Maritime USVs,
Alex Lorman, ThayerMahan
1400-1420Talk-34: Sea Machine Robotics,
Don Black, Sea Machines Robotics
1420-1440Recent Developments on the DATAMARAN Platform,
Eamon Carrig, Autonomous Marine Systems
1440-1500Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1500-1515Talk-06: L3 OceanServer Iver Simulator,
Cagdas Altin, Hunter Brown, L3 Ocean Server
1515-1530Talk-24: An Autonomous Sailing Marine Robot For Long Endurance Observation In Shallow Water,
Vincent Vandyck and Walter Holemans, Marine Robotics, LLC
1530-1545Talk-25: Duckiepond: An Initiative of Education and Research Environment for a Fleet of Autonomous Maritime Vehicles,
J.-T. Huang, C.-C. Hsu, C.-T. Hung, A. Censi, M. Benjamin, C.-F. Chen, and H.-C. Wang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. National Taiwan University, Taiwan. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The Duckietown Foundation
1545-1600Talk-22: Obstacle Avoidance on the Remote Explorer 4,
Paul Robinette, Michael Novitzky, Austin Wang, Michael DeFilippo, Michael Sacarny, Mike Benjamin
1600-1615Talk-33: MOOS-IvP in the Driver’s Seat,
Dani Goldberg, BAE Systems FAST Labs
1615-1630Talk-09: Developing a MOOS Driver for Marine Broadband Radar,
Michael Sacarny, Paul Robinette, MIT Sea Grant
1630-1645Talk-08: Ionobot: An Autonomous Moving Platform Measuring Ionospheric Fluctuations for Extended Periods of Time,
Lance Neil, MIT
1645Adjourn - Informal appetizers and gathering at the Muddy Charles on the MIT Campus