Participation Information

The MOOS-DAWG'24 meeting will consist of 15-20 minute talks on material submitted by meeting participants. Those wishing to present should submit an abstract by Friday June 14th 2024, by email to:

Primarily we are seeking abstracts and presentations in one of two categories:

  • Practitioners - descriptions of projects using MOOS middleware and applications in their fielded autonomous systems. Although success stories are welcome, candid descriptions are sought regarding which aspects of the autonomy system are most challenging, and why.
  • Developers - descriptions of tools or applications that may be of general interest to other practitioners, that were perhaps originally tailor-developed for your own project . Discussions on tools in a beta (non-release) phase of development are more than welcome.

Some topic areas:

  • MOOS middleware: Issues related to MOOSDB performance and the interface of MOOS applications.
  • IvP Helm: Application experiences, behavior development.
  • Payload (backseat driver) interface: standards, best practices, source code availability.
  • Acoustic communications: Applications for interfacing with acoustic modems and defining and handling message sets.
  • MOOS on low-powered CPUs: Experiences in porting MOOS to the Gumstix, ARM9, or similar processor families.
  • Mission planning / Mission configuration: Tools for composing, visualizing or automated error checking of mission (or helm behavior) configuration files.
  • Simulation: Includes simulation of the platform, inter-node communications, and models of the ocean or environment.
  • Quality Control: Issues related to process of adopting and accepting testing new software releases.
  • MOOS/MOOS-IvP build system: Issues related to maintaining a build system for third-party software using MOOS or MOOS-IvP trees.
  • Mission monitoring: Tools for rendering vehicle operations and tools for scoping on the MOOSDB.
  • Post mission analysis: Tools for parsing, editing and analyzing mission log files.