Important Dates:


  • May 9th 2022 - Registration page for MOOS-DAWG'22 will begin accepting registrations.


  • June 17th 2022 (Fri) - Author deadline for submitting presentation abstracts. Abstracts should be limited to 2-3 paragraphs of text describing the project or software application. See the abstracts from the 2019 meeting? for examples.
  • July 6th 2022 (Wed)- Notification on presentation proposals sent out to authors.


  • July 15th 2022 (Fri) - Early registration ends. Ensuring early registration rates must be made on or prior to this date.
  • August 7th, 2022 (Sun) - Online registration closes. After this data only on-site registration is available.
  • August 9th 2022 (Tue) - Early arrivers barbecue at the MIT Sailing Pavilion.
  • August 10th 2022 (Wed) - MOOS-DAWG'22 begins.
  • August 11th 2022 (The) - MOOS-DAWG'22 Demo Day @ Marine Autonomy Lab, MIT Sailing Pavilion.