The moos-ivp-iver tree

The moos-ivp-iver tree is a collection of MOOS applications written for the Iver2 UUV. This code primarily consists of the payload autonomy interface MOOS application for connecting a payload MOOS community to a front-seat main vehicle computer. The tree also features a "missions" directory designed to help get your Iver2 vehicle up-and-running (both in simulation and in the water) using either generated (i.e. via nsplug) or static .moos and .bhv files. You also may consider joining a mailing list for Iver2 and MOOS-IvP users: (more info).


Anonymous read-only access to the tree is provided over SVN:

  $ svn co 


  • Scott Sideleau, NUWC (

Tree Dependencies:

Additional Package Dependencies:

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Modules from the moos-ivp-iver tree:

iOceanServerComms - Payload autonomy interface MOOS module for the Iver2 UUV.
pIverBattSim - A simple, customizable Iver2 AUV battery controller for backseat simulation.
pIverBenchTest - A simple Iver2 AUV bench test for randomly moving the vehicle control surfaces through the backseat.