An Overview of MOOS-IvP and a Users Guide to

the IvP Helm - Release 19.8

MIT 2.680 Unmanned Marine Vehicle Autonomy, Sensing and Communications

August 6th 2019

Michael Benjamin,
Henrik Schmidt,
Paul Newman,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
MIT, Cambridge MA 02139

From Top Left to Bottom Right: (1) the MIT Bluefin 21-inch UUV - the first UUV to run MOOS-IvP, (2) Gavia UUV, (3) SeaRobotics USV-2600 fielded by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) in the Arctic Ocean, (4) BAE Riptide UUV, (5) L3Harris Ocean Server Iver2 UUV, (6) Ocean Explorer UUV deployed by the Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), (7) Sea Machines USV, (8) Clearpath Robotics Heron M300 USV, MIT variant, (9) REMUS-100 by Hydroid, (10) Grizzly UGV by Textron Howe and Howe, (11) Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) by Textron Unmanned Systems (12) Liquide Robotics Wave Glider (13) The Datamaran autonomous sailboat by Autonomous Maritime Systems (14) The MIT WAM-V USV winner of the 2014 RobotX Competition, (15) Autonomous Boston Whaler by Mercury/Brunswick, (16) Reliant Knifefish prototype (Bluefin 21 variant) by NRL.