Release Notes for Version 13.2.2 (March 21st, 2013)

  • Release 13.2.2 contains the same release of MOOS from Oxford as Release 13.2.


  • Re-added the capability to limit classification requests based on a fixed interval of time (configured by "min_classify_interval")
  • Added ability to switch Pd (but not swath size) settings as often as desired.


  • removed debug output in the --all mode
  • fixed bug that affected uXMS operation in AppCasting


  • more robustness checking/handling for edge cases in MOOSGeodesy that was causing pMarineViewer crashes in some Linux distros, e.g., Ubuntu 12.10.
  • fixed bug that caused left/right mouse context collisions when there was a context id shared by both the left and right mouse context config.

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