Release Notes for Version 13.2.1 (March 5th, 2013)

  • Release 13.2.1 contains the same release of MOOS from Oxford as Release 13.2.


  • BHV_Waypoint - added the wptflag parameter to support user-configured posting of flags upon arriving at each waypoint. This allows easy configuration of a mission where the the vehicle stops and station-keeps at each waypoint for a sensor measurement. The wptflag parameter may also embed the location of the waypoint, for example "wptflag = NEW_POINT=X,Y"
  • Fixed a bug where even proper IVP_BEHAVIOR_DIR parameter settings were being flagged with a configuration warning.


  • Fixed a bug where proper history_var specifications where still being reported as a configuration warning.
  • Fixed a typo in the --help output: --serverport, --serverhost are the correct parameters. Output *had* shown that the parameters were server_host and server_port.
  • Fixed colormap parameter handling. "colormap" is the correct parameter. It is now reflected properly in the --example output. For convenience though, both colormap and color_map are supported.


  • support for tiff_viewable=false to allow users to bring up the viewer without the background image at startup.


  • Fixed bug in linear extrapolation calculations of stale contacts
  • Changed contact default retirement time to 600 secs (from 3600). This may still be overridden with the contact_max_age parameter.
  • CONTACT_RECAP now does NOT include retired contacts.
  • Added extrapolation decay, and configuration parameter for overriding default (30,60). Meaning the contact extrapolation will begin to decay from its last known speed after 30 seconds, and decrease linearly to a speed of zero at 60 seconds. This may be overridden with the configuration decay=120,600 for example.
  • Changed CONTACTS_RECAP to publish once per 5 seconds by default, overridable with the recap_min_interval config parameter.


  • Added type and source back to the XYObject.h definition. Removal was making backward compatibility too hard for some people.

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