Downloading the moos-ivp tree:

The moos-ivp tree is a bundle of software modules comprising the core publicly available software of the MOOS-IvP project. It is a nested repository and contains a snapshot of the MOOS middleware from Oxford, plus numerous MOOS applications from MIT and Oxford, including the IvP Helm. It is available via anonymous read-only access via SVN over the https protocol.

Download Release 14.7 (not the latest release). (July 23th, 2014)

Release 14.7 is available via SVN access. (release notes) For a list of prior releases see (All Releases). The latest release may be accessed as follows:

   svn co moos-ivp

Download SVN head:

The development head of the MOOS-IvP tree is also available. This is available at one's own risk, but feedback from early-adopters is certainly appreciated, and every effort is made to make sure the head is bug-free and compilable. The head is available via anonomymous read-only SVN access:

     svn co moos-ivp

Running the code:

After building the code, try running the simplest mission distributed with the tree:

   $ cd moos-ivp/ivp/missions/s1_alpha
   $ pAntler alpha.moos

Running this example mission and example screen outputs are described in here.

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The Alpha mission. video:(0:19):