Nested Repositories

The MOOS-IvP repository is comprised of (a) a snapshot of the MOOS repository from the University of Oxford's Mobile Robotics Group, and (b) software developed by MIT and NUWC. The modules page lists the origin of each module. The reason for including the Oxford MOOS tree within the MOOS-IvP tree is to ensure an unchanging codebase when we want to test prior to a new MOOS-IvP code release.

Figure 1: Nested Repositories: The moos-ivp tree contains a snapshot of the Oxford MOOS tree.

The MOOS and IvP Helm architectures are both modular, and as a system, may be augmented with additional MOOS applications and Helm behaviors with no need to alter or even re-compile the base code. This allows for third party development of an autonomy system that may include proprietary or non publicly available modules (MOOS apps or Helm behaviors). These modules may complement the publicly available modules or may selectively replace certain modules at the discretion of the third party developer.

Figure 2: 3rd Party Trees: Development of a 3rd party system involves further nesting of trees.