Release Notes for Version 17.7.2 (October 15th, 2018)

  • Release 17.7.2 contains a MOOS Release posted by P.Newman/Oxford Aug 28th, 2015.

Bug Fix

  • This release contains one critical bug fix regarding the Trail behavior. Prior to this fix, if the contact was at a relative position where ownship could not possibly close range given ownship max speed and the contact speed, an objective function would briefly be produced for a few iterations with no heading preference. This could lead to ownship turning away from the contact until the contact is out of range from ownship.
  • Since this bug fix involves the AOF_CutRange class, which is also used by the CutRange behavior, this bug may also have affected the CutRange behavior, and the fix provided in this release would address both behaviors.
  • Thank you Aaron Grieb for the bug report!

Further Release Notes