Release Notes for Version 17.7.1 (September 21st, 2018)

  • Release 17.7.1 contains a MOOS Release posted by P.Newman/Oxford Aug 28th, 2015.

Bug Fix

  • This release contains one critical bug fix regarding the CutRange behavior. Prior to this fix, if the contact was at a range greater than pwt_outer_range, the priority weight, instead of being simply the full priority weight set by the priority parameter, it would instead be 100x this priority weight. This would not be noticed if this were the only behavior running, but if this behavior is running in conjunction with a collision avoidance behavior for another contact, it could have the effect of essentially ignoring the collision avoidance behavior because the CutRange behavior was 100x higher than it should have been.

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  • Thank you Aaron Grieb for the bug report!