Release Notes for Version 14.7.1 (July 30th, 2014)

  • Release 14.7.1 contains a MOOS Release 10.0.2, which was first introduced to the MOOS-IvP tree in Release 14.7.
  • MOOS 10.0.2 has its own set of release notes, here.


  • BHV_OpRegion - Now has the ability to "recover" from a breach. In the past, once a vehicle exited an OpRegion, it was difficult/impossible to continue with the mission. This is pretty much by design, but sometimes users just want the ability to continue the mission, allowing the vehicle to re-enter the OpRegion. This is now supported by specifying a reset_var MOOS variable. A reset is also now possible after a mission time-out.
  • BHV_OpRegion - Now has the ability to be configured to post a MOOS Var-Value pair upon one of the breach types, polygon breach, time breach, altitude breach or depth breach. This allows the user to configure the mission to trigger other alerts upon a breach. For example using iSay.
  • BHV_OpRegion - Now has the ability to be publish the remaining time left when a maximum time limit is being enforced.


  • Added the Local coordinate transformations to the new MOOSGeodesy wrapper using PROJ.4. The local coordinate transformations were taken almost verbatim from P.Newman's original MOOSGeodesy code. Thanks to Toby Schneider for this.
  • Modified the build system to fix a bug that prevented, on some Linux distros, the build of some libraries using MOOSGeodesy from finding the PROJ.4 library at link time.


  • A minor bug fix that prevented a successful build in Ubuntu 14.4.


  • Example behavior configurations blocks have been added to each documented behavior. For example, the OpRegion and Waypoint behaviors.

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