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Talk-06: Title: Further Development of the Marine Robotics Autonomous Sailing Surface Vehicle

Speaker: Walter Holemans, Vincent Vandyck, Joseph Curcios, Marine Robotics, LLC

Marine Robotics, LLC and Robotic Marine Systems, LLC are collaborating on advancing the development of an unmanned sailing vessel. The 8-foot, 150 pound catamaran is capable of long duration, unmanned sailing operation in near-shore and estuarial regions. Previously presented at MOOS-DAWG 19, the vessel has been undergoing upgrades and modifications to allow for improved sailing performance and endurance. Marine Robotics has contracted the MIT Marine Autonomy Lab to advance the development of an open-source MOOS-IvP based sailing behavior suite that will augment the existing Marine Robotics front-seat sailing capability. It is anticipated that this effort will result in improved sailing efficiency and effectiveness and allow for rapid development and deployment of multiple vessels to address various missions. Applications for the Marine Robotics unmanned sailing vessel include; habitat monitoring and restoration, data collection and distribution, asset protection and more.

We will be presenting a high-level overview of the recent modifications made to the vessel and provide demonstration of improved on-water performance. Videos and data plots of recent deployments will be presented followed by a live, in-water demonstration.


  • USVs
  • Autonomous Sailing