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Talk-07: MOOS-IvP for Exotic AUV architectures: A Case Study with Pliant Energy Systemís C-Ray

Benjamin Pietro Filardo, Carles Civit, Ethan Park, Russell Bingham,
Pliant Energy Systems, LLC

Pliant Energy Systems has been developing undulating fin propulsion technologies for the purpose of achieving operational capabilities in environments where propellers cannot do so, such as shallow coastal waters, riverine environments, and marshlands. Pliant is currently collaborating with MIT SeaGrant to develop autonomy for C-Ray, the companyís ONR-funded second-generation vehicle propelled exclusively by undulating fins on land and in water.

Fin propulsion remains a relatively unexplored avenue in the field of AUVs and incorporating MOOS-IvP into the development process has proven to be very effective due to its flexibility.

Pliant will present an overview of how multiple development tasks can be parallelized to accelerate the process through the use of hardware-in-the-loop simulations and physical builds, all running from a single codebase. Pliant will also share some of the modules and tools they have developed that could be especially useful for other teams developing exotic architectures.


  • UUVs
  • Bio-inspired UUVs