Supan Randeni
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Ocean Engineering
Research Scientist, MIT Sea Grant

Email: supun[at]mit[dot]edu
Address: 77 Mass Ave, Bldg 5-204
Website: here.

Publications Supun Randeni

2022 (4 items)

  1. Kristen Railey Kita, Supun Randeni, Dino DiBiaso, Henrik Schmidt, Passive acoustic tracking of an unmanned underwater vehicle using bearing-Doppler-speed measurements, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, (151)2, 1311-1324, 02, 2022. (bibtex)
  2. Supun Randeni, Michael Sacarny, Michael Benjamin, Michael Triantafyllou, Morpheus: An A-sized AUV with morphing fins and algorithms for agile maneuvering, 2022. (bibtex)
  3. Supun Randeni, Emily M. Mellin, Michael Sacarny, Skyler Cheung, Michael Benjamin, Michael Triantafyllou, Bioinspired morphing fins to provide optimal maneuverability, stability, and response to turbulence in rigid hull AUVs, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, (17)3, April, 2022. (bibtex)
  4. Supun Randeni, Toby Schneider, EeShan Bhatt, Oscar A. V\'{i}quez, Henrik Schmidt, A high-resolution {AUV} navigation framework with integrated communication and tracking for under-ice deployments, Journal of Field Robotics, 2022. (bibtex)

2021 (3 items)

  1. Supun Randeni, Emily Mellin, Michael Sacarny, Skyler Cheung, Michael Benjamin, Michael Triantafyllou, Bioinspired Dorsal Fins to Provide Optimal Maneuverability, Stability, and Response to Turbulence in Rigid Hull AUVs, Submitted and Under Review, 2021. (bibtex)
  2. Michael Benjamin, Tyler Paine, Supun Randeni, Autonomy Algorithms for Stable Dynamic Linear Convoying of Autonomous Marine Vehicles, OCEANS 2021 MTS/IEEE, October, 2021. (bibtex)
  3. Toby Schneider, Supun Randeni, Henrik Schmidt, Fast, Cheap and Good: Development of a high performance communications and navigation system for High Latitude {AUV} deployments using a Virtual Ocean, Antarctic and Southern Ocean Forum 2021, October, 2021. (bibtex)

2020 (3 items)

  1. Supun Randeni, Toby Schneider, Henrik Schmidt, Construction of a high-resolution under-ice AUV navigation framework using a multidisciplinary virtual environment, 2020 IEEE/OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Symposium (AUV)(50043), 1--7, 2020. (bibtex)
  2. Toby Schneider, Henrik Schmidt, Supun Randeni, Self-Adapting Under-Ice Integrated Communications and Navigation Network, 2020 Underwater Communications and Networking Conference (UComms), 2020. (bibtex)
  3. Supun Randeni, Erin Fischell, Henrik Schmidt, An {AUV} dynamic model, based on the conservation of energy, for underwater navigation aiding, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering (Under Review), 2020. (bibtex)

2018 (1 item)

  1. Supun Randeni, Nicholas R. Rypkema, Erin M. Fischell, Alexander L. Forrest, Michael R. Benjamin, Henrik Schmidt, Implementation of a Hydrodynamic Model-Based Navigation System for a Low-Cost AUV Fleet, IEEE OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Symposium, 2018. (bibtex)

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