Supan Randeni
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Ocean Engineering
Battelle/MIT Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: supun[at]whoi[dot]edu
Address: 77 Mass Ave, Bldg 5-204
Website: here.

Publications Supun Randeni

xxxi2021 (1 items)

  1. Michael Benjamin, Tyler Paine, Supun Randeni, Autonomy Algorithms for Stable Dynamic Linear Convoying of Autonomous Marine Vehicles, OCEANS 2021 MTS/IEEE, October, 2021. (bibtex)

2018 (1 items)

  1. Supun Randeni, Nicholas R. Rypkema, Erin M. Fischell, Alexander L. Forrest, Michael R. Benjamin, Henrik Schmidt, Implementation of a Hydrodynamic Model-Based Navigation System for a Low-Cost AUV Fleet, IEEE OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Symposium, 2018. (bibtex)

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