MOOS Applications:


- Module maintained and distributed here.
- Module maintained and distributed elsewhere, re-distributed here.
- Module maintained and distributed elsewhere, advertised here.
- documentation is good or decent.
- documentation exists, but is thin.
- Link to the module's TRAC issue-tracking page.

Modules maintained here - in the MOOS-IvP repository at MIT:

iSay? - A tool for text to Speech upon MOOS posts.
pBasicContactMgr? - A simple manager of vehicle contacts, and generation of alerts.
pEchoVar? - Receive and re-post one or more MOOS variables under a different name.
pHelmIvP? - An autonomous helm for marine and land robots.
pHostInfo? - A aid for detecting and posting localhost information.
pMarinePID? - A simple PID controller
pMarineViewer? - A GUI tool for rendering vehicle ops onto an geo-referenced display.
pNodeReporter? - Captures vehicle state information and publishes a summary string.
pSearchGrid? - Stores a vehicle search history over a 2D polygon grid.
pXRelay? - A simple MOOS publish-subscribe example application.
uFldBeaconRangeSensor? - A utility for simulating a range sensor to fixed beacons.
uFldCollisionDetect? - A utility for detecting collisions between any two vehicles.
uFldContactRangeSensor? - A utility for simulating a range sensor to moving contacts.
uFldGenericSensor? - A generic (template) sensor MOOS app in the uField style.
uFldHazardMetric? - A MOOS app for grading hazard reports against ground truth.
uFldHazardMgr? - A strawman MOOS app for managing a hazard sensor and processed data.
uFldHazardSensor? - A simulated hazard sensor using a simulated ground-truth hazard field.
uFldMessageHandler? - A utility for handling/parsing incoming inter-vehicle messages.
uFldNodeBroker? - A utility for brokering node/vehicle to shoreside MOOS connections.
uFldNodeComms? - A shoreside utility for filtering inter-vehicle communications.
uFldPathCheck? - A shoreside tool for analyzing paths of multiple monitored vehicles.
uFldScope? - A scope for configurable multi-vehicle status reports on the shoreside.
uFldShoreBroker? - A utility for brokering shoreside to node/vehicle MOOS connections.
uFunctionVis? - A tool for scoping and rendering IvP functions as posted to the MOOSDB.
uHelmScope? - A specialized scope on IvP Helm status and recent history.
uLoadWatch? - A tool for monitoring the load of other MOOS applications.
uMAC? - A terminal utility for monitoring appcasts.
uMACView? - A GUI utility for monitoring appcasts.
uPokeDB? - A tool for poking the MOOSDB from the console with no prior configuration.
uProcessWatch? - Monitors the presence/health of other apps connected to the MOOSDB.
uSimMarine? - A marine vehicle simulator of a single vehicle.
uTermCommand? - A tool for poking the MOOSDB with pre-defined variable-value pairs.
uTimerScript? - A tool for scripting (possibly conditional and random) pokes to the MOOSDB.
uXMS? - A tool for focussed scoping of the MOOSDB from the console.
alogclip? - Clip a log file based on a start and end time.
aloggrep? - Filter a log file keying on one or more MOOS variables or sources to keep.
aloghelm? - Generate IvP Helm related reports from a given log file.
alogrm? - Filter a log file keying on one or more MOOS variables or sources to remove.
alogscan? - Generate statistical reports of a log file.
alogview? - Render vehicle position histories and time series data from a log file.
nsplug? - A tool for expanding macros, conditional macros in text files similar to cpp.
gen_hazards? - A command-line tool for generating hazard field lay-downs given a region and specs.

Modules maintained in the MOOS repository at Oxford:

MOOSDB? - The MOOS database process central to all MOOS apps.
iMatlab? - A tool for connecting Matlab to a running MOOS community.
iRemote? - A remote control interface for manual vehicle control.
pAntler? - A utility for launching a batch of MOOS processes.
pLogger? - A tool for logging variable histories from the MOOSDB.
pMOOSBridge? - A tool for bridging variables between MOOS communities.
pScheduler? - A process for generating and marshalling mail within a MOOS community.
pShare? - A tool for bridging between MOOS communities.
uMS? - A graphical scope for monitoring the contents of a running MOOSDB.
uMVS? - A marine multi-vehicle simulator.

Modules from Ian Baldwin at Oxford:

pyMOOS - A MOOS - Python interface.
jMOOS - A MOOS - Java interface.

Modules from the NATO Undersea Research Centre:

libnurc-moos-app? - A library for supporting a specialized subclass of CMOOSApp.
pOctaver? - A MOOS interface to Octave.

Modules from the goby? tree:

pAcommsHandler - message queueing process and driver for the WHOI modem.
iCommander - A topside command and control tool for use with acoustic comms.
pREMUSCodec - Tool for translating REMUS CCL messages to and from node reports.

Modules from the moos-ivp-uidaho tree:

iArchAngelIMU - MOOS instrument for an Archangel Systems IMU3.
iScotty - MOOS instrument for the U of I AUV motor control module.
iSpock - MOOS instrument for the U of I AUV sensor module.
iWhoiMicroModem - MOOS instrument for a WHOI acoustic micro-modem.
iXStreamRadioModem - MOOS instrument for a 900 MHz Digi International radio modem.
iYellowSubDAQ - MOOS instrument for the U of I AUV DSP data acquisition system.
lib_BunnySock - BunnySock network communication protocol for the U of I AUV.
lib_YellowSubNav - EKF and acoustic navigation classes used for navigation.
lib_YellowSubUtils - Utility classes for MOOS applications.
pAcousticCommsAgent - A simple TDM scheduler for acoustic communications.
pFakeModemReport - Simulates acoustic navigation pings for dry land testing.
pMissionMonitor - Monitors critical MOOSDB variables and posts alerts.
pVehicleEKF - Combines sensors to estimate vehicle position.
pVehicleID - Publishes fleet ID from vehicle configuration file.
uCaptainsLog - Utility for extracting binary data logs from a Rabbit 3000 KIRK module.
BHV_ReverseDive - BHV_ReverseDive - IvP Helm behavior implementing an aft-first dive.

Modules from the moos-ivp-kfish? tree:

iKFController - Primary interface to Clearpath control and sensors.

Modules from the moos-ivp-remus tree:

iRecon - Primary payload autonomy interface MOOS module.

Modules from the moos-ivp-iver tree:

iOceanServerComms - Payload autonomy interface MOOS module for the Iver2 UUV.
pIverBattSim - A simple, customizable Iver2 AUV battery controller for backseat simulation.
pIverBenchTest - A simple Iver2 AUV bench test for randomly moving the vehicle control surfaces through the backseat.