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Talk-04: Enabling SAE-JAUS Communications in MOOS-IvP

Christopher W. Gagner, Scott R. Sideleau, NUWC-DIVNPT

The public sector’s use of Unmanned Vehicles (UxVs) is increasing rapidly to support a variety of missions. Traditionally, one operator controls a single UxV or unmanned system. Industry has been quick to adopt and innovate on this concept, providing a number of one-off solutions – often at significant cost. As missions increase in complexity and the public sector moves towards one operator to many UxVs or unmanned systems operations, the focus has shifted from just the development of UxVs and autonomous capabilities to also include development of Command and Control (C2) nodes themselves; specifically, common C2 nodes that can be used across multiple UxVs and domains. This work reports on applied research at NUWC Newport using Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) to facilitate C2 of cross-domain UxVs from several common C2 node variants. We explore the genesis from Office of Naval Research (ONR) tasking in FY12 up to and through in-water collaborative experimentation with Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in Autumn 2014 and report our findings, lessons learned, and future work.


  • Communications
  • Cross Domain UxVs
  • Command and Control, Mission Planning