Schedule Overview | Tue July 22 | Thu July 23 |

Schedule - MOOS-DAWG 2015 - Wednesday July 22nd, 2015

TimeROOM 32-141 (Main Meeting Room)
0730-0815Registration, Coffee
0815-0820Welcome Information
0820-084026-Benjamin - MOOS-IvP: An Overview, Recent Events, Planned Additions
0840-090515-McKibbin -Payload Autonomy on the Phoenix International Artemis AUV
0905-093013-Schneider - The Dynamic Compact Control Language Version 3
0930-095510-Keane - Implementing MOOS as a Backseat Driver for Homing a Teledyne Gavia AUV to a Single Transponder
0955-1010Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1010-103506-Sideleau - A Review of Automatic Depth Contour Following with MOOS-IvP
1035-110021-Paull - Cooperative Seabed Coverage with MOOS-IvP, LCM, iSAM, Goby, and HoverAcomms
1100-112519-Rypkema - Distributed Autonomy and Formation Control of a Drifting Swarm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
1125-115011-Seto - Implementing on-line AUV SLAM using side-scan sonar and automated target detection with MOOS- IvP
1150-1300LUNCH (On Your Own) Suggestions here
1300-132502-Anderson - Real-time Simulation of Side Scan Sonar within the MOOS framework using NVIDIA OptiX
1325-135020-Smith - The Riptide UUV: A New Modular, Open, Low-Cost Micro-UUV
1350-141512-Seto - Data Association Towards Persistent SLAM with Underwater SideScan Sonar Implemented in MOOS-IvP
1415-144009-Schmidt - Requirements for an Operational ASV for Hydrographic Survey, a Rookie’s View of MOOS
1440-1500Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1500-152518-Murphy - SandShark: An Open Platform for Rapid Technology Development,
1525-155017-DeFilippo - The MIT Sea Grant Reef Explorer for Real Time Data Collection?
1550-161525-Yaari - The MIT/Olin RobotX Vehicle / The Kingfisher Payload Autonomy Computer
1615-164014-Carrig - Introducing the Datamaran
1700Adjourn - Informal light dinner and gathering at the Muddy Charles on the MIT Campus