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Talk-26: MOOS-IvP: An Overview, Recent Events and Planned Additions

Mike Benjamin, MIT

MOOS-IvP is an Open Source Autonomy project comprised of the MOOS middleware and the IvP Helm Autonomy architecture. Both architectures enable the incremental advancement of algorithms from diverse sources. Users can augment the openly distributed software with their own modules and are free to develop them as either open, proprietary or even classified additions.

This talk provides a quick overview to newcomers of either the MOOS-DAWG workshop or the MOOS-IvP community. We are also users of our own software, and many of the recent and upcoming additions and improvements are driven by our research projects. In this talk we provide a simultaneous overview of these projects, highlighting the recent sofware additions, and why they were needed. We also describe additions and improvements expected in the next year or so driven by current projects. These projects include:

  • RobotX: The 2014 Maritime RobotX Competition (and our anticipated 2016 involvement)
  • Aquaticus: A Human-Machine Competition in the Marine Environment
  • COLREGS Autonomy: Protocol-based Collision Avoidance Algorithms for Following the Maritime Rules of the Road using Multi-Objective Optimization
  • MIT 2.680: A New MIT Course on Marine Autonomy, Sensing and Communication
  • Hunter-Prey: An In-water competition of Autonomous Search for Evasive Underwater Targets


  • ASVs
  • AUVs