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Talk-03: Cross-Domain UxV Collaboration Scenario Development with MOOS-IvP

Lonnie Parker, Christopher Gagner, Scott Sideleau, Michael Incze, NUWC-DIVNPT

The future of cross-domain autonomy (any combination of air, land, and sea platforms) will reside in providing value to time-sensitive applications. Those scenarios in which important information is collected by one platform, but requires exfiltration by another has uses in search-rescue missions, port-monitoring, and oceanographic surveys, to name a few. Any behaviors executed must be confined to achievable goals while also demonstrating flexibility to account for unplanned changes in situ. This work reports on the design and implementation of a multi-vehicle, cross-domain AUV scenario responsible for executing a combination of waypoint-based and advanced autonomy behaviors in response to direct commands from an unmanned aerial vehicle, via AUV gateway. The behaviors have been abstracted as contour-following and multi-scale bathymetry surveys, incorporating conditional pauses based on the state of shipping traffic detected by Automatic Identification System. The simulation created was designed to be vehicle agnostic to make allowances for unexpected system state changes.


  • AUVs
  • ASVs
  • UAVs
  • Cross Domain UxVs
  • Command and Control, Mission Planning
  • Communications