title     = {A Method for Protocol-Based Collision Avoidance Between Autonomous Marine
                Surface Craft.},
    author    = {Michael R. Benjamin and John J. Leonard and Joseph A. Curcio and Paul M.
    journal   = {Journal of Field Robotics},
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    keywords  = {ROBOTICS},
    abstract  = {This paper is concerned with the in-field autonomous operation of unmanned
                marine vehicles in accordance with convention for safe and proper collision
                avoidance as prescribed by the Coast Guard Collision Regulations (COLREGS).
                These rules are written to train and guide safe human operation of marine
                vehicles and are heavily dependent on human common sense in determining rule
                applicability as well as rule execution, especially when multiple rules apply
                simultaneously. To capture, the flexibility exploited by humans, this work
                applies a novel method of multiobjective optimization, interval programming,
                in a behavior-based control framework for representing the navigation rules,
                as well as task behaviors, in a way that achieves simultaneous optimal
                satisfaction. We present experimental validation of this approach using
                multiple autonomous surface craft. This work represents the first in-field
                demonstration of multiobjective optimization applied to autonomous
                COLREGS-based marine vehicle}}