Rui Chen
MIT/WHOI Joint Program Graduate Student
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: ruic[at]whoi[dot]edu
Address: 77 Mass Ave, Bldg 5-204
Website: here.

Recent Publications

Publications Rui Chen

xxxi2019 (2 items)

  1. Rui Chen, Henrik Schmidt, Robustness Analysis of a Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Source-Range Estimation in a Simulated Arctic Environment, OCEANS 2019 MTS/IEEE, October, 2019. (bibtex)
  2. Rui Chen, Andrew Poulsen, Henrik Schmidt, Spectral, Spatial, and Temporal Characteristics of Underwater Ambient Noise in the Beaufort Sea in 1994 and 2016., Journal of the Acoustical Society of Americal, (145)2, 605-614, 2019. (bibtex)

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