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Talk-23: Real-time COLREGS Compliant Global Path Planning for Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) Using Modified Visibility Graphs

R. Thomas Sayre-McCord, MIT/WHOI Joint Graduate Program, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Hanumant Singh, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The development of autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) is of great interest for a wide range of applications. A critical component of successful ASVs is obstacle avoidance with proper application of the Coast Guard Collision Regulations (COLREGS). Presented here is a new method for real-time, COLREGS compliant, global path planning for ASVs. Full routes to a goal point are found by an A* search over a time-dependent visibility graph that includes dynamic obstacles in a COLREGS compliant manner. The path planner is tested in simulation and in physical experiments on the water using the WHOI Jetyak. A marine radar is used for obstacle detection allowing for long range detection of obstacles in a variety of weather conditions. Real-time global path planning allows for predictive and reactive avoidance of multiple dynamic and static obstacles making it well suited for both open sea and complex near shore environments.

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