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Talk-17: The MIT Sea Grant Reef Explorer for Real Time Data Collection

Mike DeFilippo, Alon Yaari, Michael Sacarny, Husayn Karimi, Paris Perdikaris, MIT Sea Grant

The Reef Explorer program was developed by the AUV Laboratory at the MIT Sea Grant College Program in 2008. The Reef Explorer program was developed with the purpose of remote education and remote research of coral reefs in Hawaii. Anywhere from the surface to a depth of 25 meters the REx was able to sample the environment with multiple marine sensors and capture video data with onboard cameras. The data and video was then streamed in real time through a radio modem to a nearby relay station and then to the internet. This architecture enabled two way real time communications between a computer on land and the robot underwater. The next iteration of the Reef Explorer program will be the Remote Explorer (REx IV). The Remote Explorer program will not only be a way to expand ocean science to the classroom, but also to provide a platform for real-time data collection for the greater scientific community. DOWNLOAD


  • AUVs
  • ASVs
  • Seafloor Surveying