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Talk-16: MOOS Chat Down Under

Helen Dorsett, Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Over Christmas break this year, the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation sponsored a 'summer vacation scholar' from the University of Adelaide to develop an Android-based smart phone app that would enable hand-held communications with an underwater robot, the REMUS 100.

Fuelled mainly by "wouldn't it be cool?," the project evolved into two products: an "underwater Tom-Tom" for in-situ mission monitoring via a Bluetooth-enabled link to a REMUS Ranger unit; and post-mission "chat" via WiFi, which displays "objects of interest" the vehicle found during a survey mission that the operator could then select for further mission re-tasking.

Both products were successfully tested in Jervis Bay in late February alongside a naval mine countermeasures exercise, and the results go a long way towards demonstrating scientifically what we've always suspected - that in some situations, real-time and near-real-time communications with autonomous underwater vehicles are well orth the effort.

In this presentation, we'll show how we did it with MOOS and our REMUS 'autonomy nose,' along with some discussion of more recent developments.


  • AUVs
  • Command and Control, Mission Planning
  • Simulation/Visualization
  • Communications