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Talk-07: Developing MOOS-IvP interfaces to OPL/CPLEX Optimization Software and a Novel Mission Visualizer

Demetrious Kutzke, Marquette University

Mikhail Yakhnis, Cornell University

Jim Perkins, Matthew Bays, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division

As maritime autonomy is introduced to perform increasingly complex missions, there is a prevailing need to autonomously determine complex event sequences and task schedules, as well as visualizing those vehicle actions before a mission. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) has developed interfaces between MOOS-IvP to aid with both areas. We present a software framework to interface the commercial off-the-shelf optimization software OPL/CPLEX with MOOS-IvP. IBM's OPL/CPLEX is one of the world’s fastest optimization software packages for solving numerical optimization problems such as mixed-integer linear programming, quadratic programming, and scheduling. The OPL-MOOS interface will allow unmanned systems controlled by the MOOS-IvP autonomy framework to utilize numerical optimization routines found in OPL/CPLEX for autonomous plan optimization and scheduling. For mission visualization, we present an overview of a novel three-dimensional mission visualization software package developed by NSWC PCD, and its interface with MOOS-IvP using Google protocol buffers. We believe the two interfaces and software packages allow for extending the possible mission profiles and tasking with which MOOS-IvP can be used. DOWNLOAD


  • Simulation/Visualization
  • Command and Control, Mission Planning