Welcome to the MOOS-IvP Home Page

MOOS-IvP is a set of open source C++ modules for providing autonomy on robotic platforms, in particular autonomous marine vehicles.

Results of the March 2016 MOOS-IvP Survey

Many thanks to those who participated in the MOOS-IvP user survey. We had over 60 responses and learned quite a bit from the process. The results are summarized in the below PDF link:

Link to: Survey Results

Below are a couple lists of action items from the survey. First a list of short term actions to be implemented as soon as possible, prior to the next release in April 2016:

  • Start using the MOOS-IvP GitHub organization (https://github.com/moos-ivp). Internally we plan to continue to use SVN, but will put in place a Git interface for accessing the latest code and releases.
  • Create a Pull Request and Issue Tracker on GitHub.
  • Modify the CMakeFile file structure to enable automatic path discovery (like MOOS does).

Near term, but not immediate items:

  • Publish MOOS-IvP via the apt-get package manager.
  • Automated build-testing via the GitHub.
  • Create a manifest structure for categorizing MOOS Applications and Helm Behaviors. The goal here is to expand awareness of development efforts, even if some of those efforts do not have publicly shared code.

Release Updates:

Project Objectives and Philosophy:

  • Platform Independence: The MOOS-IvP software typically runs on a dedicated computer for autonomy and sensing in the vehicle "payload" section. (read more)
  • Module Independence: MOOS and the IvP Helm provide two architectures that enable the autonomy and sensing system to be built from distinct and independent modules. (read more)
  • Nested Capabilities: MOOS and IvP Helm architectures both allow a system to be extended without any modifying or recompiling the core, publicly available free software. (read more)

Project Organization:

The project is situated at MIT, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Center for Ocean Engineering as part of the Laboratory for Autonomous Marine Sensing Systems (LAMSS). Core developers are also part of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, (CSAIL). Core MOOS software is maintained and distributed by the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG).

MOOS stands for "Mission Oriented Operating Suite". IvP stands for "Interval Programming". MOOS-IvP is pronounced "moose i-v-p".