Welcome to MOOS-DAWG 2019 !!

The 2019 Working Group Meeting for MOOS and IvP developers and practitioners will be held in Cambridge Massachusetts, August 7-8 2019, on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MOOS-DAWG Workshop Format: The meeting will be mostly single-track discussions on:

  • Fielded autonomous platforms using MOOS and/or MOOS-IvP.
  • Development of MOOS-based software applications.
  • Panel discussions on best-practices and roadmaps for improvement.

Some Workshop topic areas:

  • MOOS middleware: Issues related to MOOSDB performance and the interface of MOOS applications.
  • IvP Helm: Application experiences, behavior development.
  • Payload (backseat driver) interface: standards, best practices, source code availability.
  • Acoustic communications: Applications for interfacing with acoustic modems and defining and handling message sets.
  • MOOS on low-powered CPUs: Experiences in porting MOOS to the Gumstix, ARM9, or similar processor families.
  • Mission planning / Mission configuration: Tools for composing, visualizing or automated error checking of mission (or helm behavior) configuration files.
  • Simulation: Includes simulation of the platform, inter-node communications, and models of the ocean or environment.
  • Quality Control: Issues related to process of adopting and accepting testing new software releases.
  • MOOS/MOOS-IvP build system: Issues related to maintaining a build system for third-party software using MOOS or MOOS-IvP trees.
  • Mission monitoring: Tools for rendering vehicle operations and tools for scoping on the MOOSDB.
  • Post mission analysis: Tools for parsing, editing and analyzing mission log files.