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Schedule - MOOS-DAWG 2017 - Tuesday August 1st, 2017

TUESDAY:August 1st
TimeROOM 32-141 (Main Meeting Room)
0730-0815Registration, Coffee
0815-0820Welcome Information
0820-084020-Benjamin - MOOS-IvP Release 17.7 - What's New, and What's Planned
0840-090517-Schmidt - Environmentally Adaptive Acoustic Sensing, Communication and Navigation by Distributed Undersea Networks
0905-093002-Kemna - Multi-robot sampling and MOOS-IvP usage at USC
0930-095505-Sideleau - Enabling Open Standards in Maritime Robotics Research with MOOS-IvP
0955-1010Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1010-103523-Dalpe - Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Surface Vehicles Using the MOOS-IvP Platform
1035-110024-IbnSeddik - MOOS meets Python, MORSE, TensorFlow and Qt
1100-112504-Zeng - The Application of MOOS in Shenyang Institute of Automation
1125-115001-Spears - Advanced MOOS-IvP Autonomy through Embedded Computer Vision with Merlin
1150-1300LUNCH (On Your Own) Suggestions here
1300-132509-Schneider - Goby3: A New Spen-Source Middleware for Nested Communication on Autonomous Marine Vehicles,
1325-135012-Robinette - Remote Explorer IV - Linking Researchers and the Public with Ocean Instrumentation
1350-141522-Sideleau - Applying Cybersecurity to Maritime Robotics Middleware: A Case Study with MOOS-IvP
1415-143526-Li - Heterogeneous Team of Marine Robots for Coordinated Exploration and Monitoring of Marine Environments
1435-1450Break --- Break --- Break --- Break
1450-150516-Smith - The Riptide UUV
1505-152014-Anderson - OceanServer Iver3-580 EP Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Remote Helm Functionality,
1520-153515-Novitzky - Aquaticus - A Human-Robot Capture-the-Flag Competition for Research in Human-Robot Teaming
1535-155019-Carrig - The Datamaran
1550-160521-Curcio - The Electric Mokai
1605-162027-Johnson - : Introduction to iMotions; a Biometric Research Platform
1620Adjourn - Informal appetizers and gathering at the Muddy Charles on the MIT Campus