Recent Publications


  • Kyle L. Woerner, Michael R. Benjamin, Michael Novitzky, John J. Leonard
    "Collision Avoidance Road Rest for COLREGS-Constrained Autonomous Vehicles," OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey, Monterey, CA, 2016, pp. 1-6.
  • Michael Novitzky, Hugh Dougherty, Michael Benjamin
    "A Human-Robot Speech Interface for an Autonomous Marine Teammate", Social Robotics: 8th International Conference, ICSR 2016, Kansas City, MO, USA, November 1-3, 2016
  • Arthur Anderson, Erin Fischell, Thom Howe, Tom Miller, Arturo Parrales-Salinas, Nick Rypkema, David Barrett, Michael Benjamin, Alex Brennen, Michael DeFillipo, John Leonard, Liam Paull, Henrik Schmidt, Nick Wang, Alon Yaari
    "An Overview of MIT-Olin's Approach in the AUVSI RobotX Competition", "Field and Service Robotics: Results of the 10th International Conference", Pages 61-80, Springer International Publishing", Ed. David Wettergreen, Timothy Barfoot, 2016.


  • Kyle L. Woerner, Michael R. Benjamin
    "Autonomous Collision Avoidance Tradespace Analysis for High-Speed Vessels", 13th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. 2015.


  • Kyle Woerner, Michael R. Benjamin
    "Safety and Efficiency Analysis of Autonomous Collision Avoidance Using Multi-Objective Optimization with Interval Programming.", Naval Engineers Journal, Volume 126, Issue 4, pp. 163-167, Dec. 2014


  • Michael R. Benjamin, Henrik Schmidt, Paul M. Newman, John J. Leonard
    "Autonomy for Unmanned Marine Vehicles with MOOS-IvP", Chapter in Marine Vehicle Autonomy Ed. Mae Seto, Springer, December 2012.





  • Michael Benjamin, Paul Newman, Henrik Schmidt, John Leonard
    "MOOS-IvP Autonomy Tools Users Manual"
    MIT CSAIL Technical Report TR-2008-065, November 2008.
  • Andrew Shafer, Michael Benjamin, John Leonard, Joseph Curcio "Autonomous Cooperation of Heterogeneous Platforms for Sea-Based Search Tasks"
    MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2008, Quebec City, Canada, September 2008.
  • Toby Schneider, Joseph Curcio, Andrew Patrikalakis, Michael Benjamin
    "Autonomous Surface Craft Provide Flexibility to Remote Adaptive Oceanographic Sampling and Modelling"
    MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2008, Quebec City, Canada, September 2008.
  • Arjuna Balasuriya, Henrik Schmidt, Michael Benjamin
    "Nested Distributed Autonomy Architecture for Undersea Sensor Networks"
    MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2008, Kobe, Japan, April 2008.


  • Michael Benjamin, David Battle, Don Eickstedt, Henrik Schmidt, Arjuna Balasuriya
    "Autonomous Control of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Towing a Vector Sensor Array"
    International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Rome, Italy, April 2007.
  • Don Eickstedt, Michael Benjamin, Ding Wang, Henrik Schmidt, Joseph Curcio
    "Behavior Based Adaptive Control for Autonomous Oceanographic Sampling"
    International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Rome, Italy, April 2007.
  • Don Eickstedt, Michael Benjamin, Jack Ianniello, Henrik Schmidt, John Leonard
    "Adaptive Tracking of Underwater Targets with Autonomous Sensor Networks"
    (Unclassified) Journal of Underwater Acoustics (USN), 56, 465-495, Spring 2006. (Appeared in print in Spring 2007.)


  • Michael Benjamin, Joseph Curcio, John Leonard, Paul Newman
    "Protocol-Based COLREGS Collision Avoidance Navigation Between Unmanned Marine Surface Craft"
    Journal of Field Robotics, Vol. 23, No. 5, May 2006.
  • Don Eickstedt, Michael Benjamin, Henrik Schmidt, John Leonard
    "Adaptive Control of Heterogeneous Marine Sensor Platforms in An Autonomous Sensor Network"
    IEEE/RJS International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Beijing China, October 2006.
  • Michael Benjamin
    "Multi-Objective Helming with Interval Programming on Autonomous Marine Vehicles"
    IEEE/RJS IROS 2006 Workshop on Multi-Objective Robotics (IROS-MOR 2006), Beijing China, October 2006.
  • Don Eickstedt, Michael Benjamin "Cooperative Target Tracking in a Distributed Autonomous Sensor Network"
    Proceedings of OCEANS 2006, Boston, September 2006.
  • Michael Benjamin, Joseph Curcio, John Leonard, Paul Newman
    "Navigation of Unmanned Marine Vehicles in Accordance with the Rules of the Road"
    International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Orlando FL, May 2006.
  • Michael Benjamin, Mathew Grund, Paul Newman
    "Multi-objective Optimization of Sensor Quality with Efficient Marine Vehicle Task Execution"
    International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Orlando FL, May 2006.

2005 and Prior

  • Thomas Curtin, Denise Crimmins, Joseph Curcio, Michael Benjamin, Christopher Roper
    "Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Trends and Transformations",
    The Marine Technology Society Journal, Volume 39, Number 3, Fall 2005.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "The Interval Programming Model for Multi-objective Decision Making",
    AI Lab Technical Memo AIM-2004-021, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, September 2004.
  • Michael R. Benjamin and Joseph Curcio
    "COLREGS-Based Navigation in Unmanned Marine Vehicles",
    IEEE Proceedings of AUV-2004, Sebasco Harbor, Maine, June 2004.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "Multi-Objective Navigation and Control Using Interval Programming",
    Multi-Robot Systems Workshop, NRL, Washington DC, March 2003.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "Interval Programming: A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Autonomous Vehicle Control"
    PhD Thesis, Brown University, May 2002.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "Multi-Objective Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in the Presence of Cooperative and Adversarial Moving Contacts.",
    In Proceedings of OCEANS 2002, Biloxi MI, October 2002.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "Interval Programming for Underwater Projectile Design Optimization",
    In Proceedings of the 9th AIAA/ISSMO Symposium on Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization, Atlanta, GA, September 2002.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "Virtues and Limitations of Multifusion Based Action Selection"
    Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference on Autonmous Agents, Barcelona, Spain, June 2000.
  • Michael R. Benjamin
    "Underwater Vehicle Control: Minimum Requirements for a Robust Decision Space"
    In Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium 2000, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, June 2000.
  • Michael Benjamin, Tom Viana, Karen Corbett, Ann Silva
    "Satisfying Multiple Rated-Constraints in a Knowledge Based Decision Aid",
    Proceedings IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications, Orlando, Florida, 1993.
  • Michael Benjamin, Tom Viana, Karen Corbett, Ann Silva
    "The Maneuver Decision Aid: A Knowledge Based Object Oriented Decision Aid",
    Proceedings of the Sixth Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Symposium - FLAIRS-93, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, April 18-21, 1993.
  • Tom Viana, Michael Benjamin, Karen Corbett, Ann Silva
    "The Design and Realization of a Maneuver Decision Aid for Motion Planning",
    Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Conference on Command and Control Decision Aids, (DAWG-92), Monterey, CA. June 8-9, 1992.
  • Tom Viana, Michael Benjamin, Susan Bill-Wray
    "Maneuver Decision Aid: An Object-Oriented Blackboard System",
    Proceedings AAIE-91 Workshop on Object-Oriented Programming in AI, in Anaheim, CA. July 15, 1993.