Talk: 33-Riptide


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Talk-33: MOOS-IvP in the Driverís Seat

Dani Goldberg, BAE Systems, FAST Labs

On many commercial systems where MOOS-IvP has been deployed, it is often as a back-seat driver providing control commands to a proprietary front-seat software system via an interface that is typically also proprietary. In contrast, on BAE Systemsí Riptide UUVs, MOOS-IvP is in the driverís seat as the only robot control system present on the base vehicles. This allows end-users to more easily expand capabilities by specifically tailoring interfaces to third-party software during integration. We will present several examples of such integrations showing how mission-level control was added to the vehicle in two instances and how MOOS has been interfaced to OpenCPN for graphical mission planning. We will also present an overview of Riptide UUVs.


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