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Talk-20: Exploring the Use of MOOS-IvP on Biomimetic AUVs: A Case Study with Boston Engineering’s BioSwimmer

Scott R. Sideleau, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport RI.

Philip Igoe, Dr. Ramprasad Balasubramanian, UMass Dartmouth

Michael Conry, Andrew Keefe, Halie Murray-Davis, Boston Engineering

UMass Dartmouth has developed, in coordination with Boston Engineering, a MOOS-IvP interface application for the BioSwimmer AUV. The design and development of the iBioSwimmer application is reviewed and initial in-water demonstration results presented. The BioSwimmer AUV has a unique biomimetic design that features a caudal fin that can be articulated across a range of motion. Proposed follow-on research to exploit this unique appendage and its potential applications are discussed.


  • Interoperability
  • UUVs