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Talk-16: Core Helm Autonomy - Helm Obstacle and Contact Managers

Michael Benjamin, MIT

Aside from the IvP Helm, the Contact Manager and Obstacle Manager are two of the most important autonomy MOOS apps in the MOOS-IvP codebase of nearly 70 applications. They are the intermediaries between offboard sensing system and the autonomous decision-making of the helm. This layer allows for both a simpler helm, as well as an abstraction layer to enable the helm to remain unchanged beween different offboard sensing systems. Both manager applications implement a cache of sensed objects and a configurable alert system tied to the helm's ability to dynamically spawn behaviors for collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance. Each app also implements practical considerations for testing and validating in the field, and sister applications for generating simulated obstacles and contacts. Since there have been many changes in this code since the last workshop and last software release, this talk will provide an overview of new and augmented capabilities.


  • IvP Helm
  • Dynamic Behaviors