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Talk-15: Measurement Fusion for Collision Avoidance Inputs

Mei Li, Sea Machines

It has been observed if the measurements of surrounding target positions from different sources are fed directly to Moos, the Helm may trigger several collision avoidance behaviors and eventually the priority functions of these behaviors fight for the final heading and speed decisions of the autonomous vessel. In the offshore environment the typical measurement sources include marine radar messages and AIS messages and they come at significant different time intervals. The position and velocity information in these two sources often appear to be different and thus trigger oscillation avoidance behaviors. It is desired to merge information from different sources and use the more precise, more reliable fused information for collision avoidance. In this presentation, we will discuss a simple method of fusing marine radar measurements and AIS reports.


  • USVs
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Marine Radar
  • AIS