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Talk-09: Multi-Domain Human-Robot Teaming Sandbox (MDO-HuRT-S) at West Point

Dr. Michael Novitzky, COL Christopher Korpela, United States Military Acadamy

The Robotics Research Center (RRC) at the United States Military Academy (USMA) has established the multi-domain human-robot teaming sandbox (MDO-HuRT-S). MDO-HuRT-S research centers on incorporating unmanned assets for small unit tactics in opposed environments. This presentation will provide an overview of the various research efforts within MDO-HuRT-S with a focus on those that use the MOOS-IvP autonomy and set of tools as their cornerstone within Project Aquaticus. Project Aquaticus is now on the international stage for learned behaviors in an opposed environment. The second is the exploration of perceived human effort with varying levels of robot teammate autonomy. The third is the ongoing efforts to extend MOOS-IvP to air and ground platforms.


  • USVs
  • Human-Robot Teaming
  • Aquaticus