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Talk-08: Going to production with snaps and Ubuntu Core

Kyle Fazzari, Mohamed Saad IBN SEDDIK

Every product goes through a lifecycle consisting of a number of phases. Lots of the talks this year will probably be focusing on earlier phases, developing new technologies, software, and techniques. In this talk, we discuss some of the questions that are asked as one approaches production:

  1. What is my factory process?
  2. How is the base OS updated so as to remain secure?
  3. How is my own software updated?
  4. How is the device recovered if an update goes wrong?

We then discuss how these questions are answered by using Ubuntu Core for your device, and packaging your MOOS application as a snap. Snaps are self-contained filesystems containing executable code that runs confined, and they're supported across a wide range of Linux distributions without any modifications. Builds can even be automated using a continuous integration server.


  • ASVs
  • Build/Integration
  • Simulation/Visualization