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Talk-05: Enabling Open Standards in Maritime Robotics Research with MOOS-IvP

Scott R. Sideleau, Christopher W. Gagner, Matthew J. Ferro, Dr. Michael L. Incze, NUWC-DIVNPT

There is a desire to enable the Command & Control (C2) of unmanned systems using open standards to reduce operating costs and increase interoperability in a system of systems environment. This work reports on the use of MOOS-IvP in several recent field experiments to enable the use of commercial off-the-shelf cross-domain unmanned systems (i.e. UAVs, UUVs) via an open standards mediation layer employing SAE's Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) messaging. The overall capability is enhanced across field experimentation as the themes of battlespace characterizing behavior development, in-stride data processing, data exfiltration, common control, and handover are explored. The development of private services and messaging using the engineering tools provided by the open standard, which are then proposed to the standards body, is reported upon and discussed.


  • Command and Control
  • Open Standards
  • UAVs
  • AUVs
  • JAUS