MIT Kingfisher/Heron Wiki Main Page

The MIT Kingfisher M200 platforms are manufactured by Clearpath Robotics in Kitchner Ontario. MIT owns three, and we are expecting soon three newer models, the M300 Heron platforms.

  • The current MIT vehicles are:
    • Evan
    • Felix
    • Gus
  • This page is mostly viewable to all, without a password. Students wishing to contribute to and edit this page will need a password. The same password is needed to view the network sensitive content of these pages.
  • The purpose of this page is to help new users get started with the Kingfisher and the MOOS-IvP autonomy software.


At MIT the software on the Kingfisher is comprised of (a) the general purpose MOOS-IvP autonomy software, and (b) some software modules specific to the Kingfisher. More info is provided on the software overview page.

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